Protect Your Vehicle with a Car Surveillance Camera

Feeling insecure can be damaging in so many ways. Whether it is your house or your car, you often wonder how safe it is. Of course, you may keep a look out for any sign of potential danger, but for how long will you be able to look after your house or car? You are bound to leave them, at some point in time. You are going to sleep, maybe even go away for a few days, for holidays, it is not possible to bring your car everywhere you go!

Surveillance Camera on Dashboard

Camera on Dashboard

Criminals can be anywhere and it is very hard to trust anyone with your belongings, you might as well be your own knight in shining armor and try to protect your things, yourself. Feeling anxious about the safety of your things is pretty normal, but you cannot stand guard over your things forever. You cannot be in your office and expect to know if anybody has entered our house or broken into your car. We may install alarm systems which may help us to some extent, but for those of us who actually want to know and see, what happened in their absence, installing a good surveillance camera may prove to be a great option.

Imagine this; you are sleeping and your car is parked outside. Somebody tries to break into it, but thanks to the alarm system you have installed, which is set off immediately as an unwanted guest tries to force open the doors. The sound of the alarm wakes you up. You run to your car and see that a few things have been taken out from it. Most of us, in fact everyone, would want to know, who was the person who is responsible for this, what did he look like, how old was he, what time did he come about, was there only one person or a group of them etc all these things can help, when you file a report against him. These little factors can help the police in capturing the thief.

A surveillance camera may not be able to help you to stop the criminal, but it will definitely help you in gaining some closure about whatever happened. It has been observed that people who have surveillance cameras installed outside their houses, they are less likely to be considered as a target by criminals, than people who do not have surveillance cameras installed!

Talking about cars, in specific, it is always a good idea to protect something while you still have the chance. If you are worried about your vehicle, or you live or work in an area where car thefts are pretty common, installing a car camera may be one of your best options. A car camera would make a video of what is going inside your car and outside it. You can watch the videos recorded by these cameras and see for yourself if you find something or someone, suspicious, lurking around your vehicle.

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7 comments on “Protect Your Vehicle with a Car Surveillance Camera
  1. luke says:

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    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Luke. For our readers it would be great if you could give some examples of how this device could be used as a car security or surveillance system.

  2. nancy dallessandro says:

    I need an inexpensive car camera for my 1987 lincoln continental. inside camera

    • Hi Nancy, take a look at some of the models we display on the sidebar. We update the list as new models come around and you should be able to find one that suits your needs. Our compliments for keeping your Lincoln Continental, it is an epic car.

  3. Safety Track, a leader in Fleet Safety and Fleet Management is proud to announce their latest addition to their GPS Fleet Safety lineup

    The UCIT (you-see-it) In Vehicle Camera System from Safety Track is the first of its kind to offer live streaming video from any of the 4 cameras inside or outside of the vehicle. With the 16 panel screen on your own computer, you have the ability to “Watch” 16 different vehicles at the same time, with LIVE Streaming Video. With ability to view your fleet live, it records and stores the data for future reference.
    Along with full streaming live video, the UCIT is equipped with a GPS tracking system, giving you the ability to track and monitor driver behavior. Increased driver awareness and safety, while reducing insurance claims, are just a few benefits of a UCIT system.

    Jeff Stoker, VP of Sales, says, “For the past few years, we have been asked for a camera system from a wide variety of our customer base, to be as up to date as possible, and over the course of two years, we have developed our own system. It provides all the GPS Fleet Tracking needs our customers want, and it gives them a new level of coverage, all for only a few dollars more than most are paying for a GPS tracking system. It will change how businesses do business”.

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